• Very simple setup
    Upload a video, link a Steam Account and done!
    It takes about 2 Minutes to set up.
  • No limits!
    Once started, your video will be looped eternally.
    No limit in stream duration or video size.
  • Pay as you go
    $1 for 24 hours of non-stop streaming. The first 120 hours are free!
    Charge your account when you need it - no subscription!
  • Multi Streaming
    You can use one account to send streams to multiple game pages.
  • Trusted by hundreds of game developers
    RoboStreamer is used by busy indie devs and publishers of various sizes:
    RawFury, Hooded Horse, Akupara Games, and many more

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Please don't keep creating accounts when your free time is up.
I see that and will ban your games. And I will be sad 😥
- Cheers, Chris
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