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Broadcast to your Steam Page

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Who is actually using RoboStreamer?

And hundreds more of publishers, PR agencies, studios and indies!

Are you still
broadcasting manually?

With RoboStreamer, you can upload videos and have them streamed in loop as long as you wish.

Forget about fiddling around with OBS to set up your stream. Forget about leaving your computer on and don't worry if your internet may break down.

Marketing automation is king, because as a game developer your time is very limited.

RoboStreamer makes your Steam Pages more interesting with a broadcast.
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Your simple
cloud streaming service

RoboStreamer is a cloud application where you can upload your pre-recorded video file. You need to retrieve a special streaming key from Steam, pass it to RoboStreamer and the app will handle the streaming part for you.

No need to leave your computer at home running for hours, clogging up your internet connection. You press play and RoboStreamer does the rest.

Multi streaming
without headache

Do you manage multiple Steam Store Pages?

With RoboStreamer, you can set up simultaneous broadcasts to as many pages as you want - everything from a single account.

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Who's behind RoboStreamer?

RoboStreamer is an indie dev project itself. Its made by one person: Chris, a web developer from germany with about 20 years of experience. One day, I will make a real game - until then, I create tools.

If you'd like to know a bit more about the tech and background of RoboStreamer, you can read the introduction blogpost.