Broadcast pre-recorded videos on Steam

Broadcasts are a great tool to bring attention to your Steam Store Page, especially during Steam events.

With RoboStreamer, you can upload videos and have them streamed in loop as long as you wish.

We will start sending out beta invitations, soon.

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RoboStreamer makes your Steam Pages more interesting with a broadcast.

What are Steam Broadcasts anyways?

Steam Broadcasts are a Steam BETA feature which lets you set up a livestream to appear on your game's store page, developer homepage or special sales landing page.

A selection of broadcasts are displayed on the Steam store landing page at all time - so thats a good opportunity to grab peoples attention.

Also, broadcasts are especially popular during several Steam events where there is often a streaming schedule which reserves broadcasting spots right inside the event at different times.

However - to send a video to a Steam broadcast, it has be sent through RTMP - thats a special live stream protocol. You cannot upload a video to Steam like to YouTube - it has to be sent in realtime with software like OBS or any other streaming tool.

How does RoboStreamer work?

RoboStreamer is a cloud application where you can upload your pre-recorded video file. You need to retrieve a special streaming key from Steam, pass it to RoboStreamer and the app will handle the streaming part for you.

No need to leave your computer at home running for hours, clogging up your internet connection. You press play and RoboStreamer does the rest.

But I can do this for free with OBS!

Oh yeah, you are right!
However, that requires you to keep a machine running OBS active for the time you want to stream your video.
AND you will use up some bandwith of your local internet connection.
But yeah, you can do the same with OBS for free :)