Simple pricing. No surprises.

$1 for 24 hours of non-stop broadcasting. Thats it.

I thought a lot about how to create a pricing schema for RoboStreamer and in the end decided to make it simple.
You pay $1 to RoboStreamer and you get 1440 minutes (24 hours) of time added to your account.

Start now for free

If you register now, your free account will be loaded with 8 hours 120 hours of broadcasting time to try RoboStreamer.
No payment information required. If you don't like it, you can leave at any time.

Compare to OBS Studio

OBS Studio is free to download, but will consume energy during your active Steam Broadcast.
For our comparison, we assume energy cost of $ per kWh and a run time of days - that's the duration of a Steam Next Fest.
We assume your computer to consume watts per hour for conversion and streaming.

Cost of RoboStreamer

Total Cost
(168 hours)

Cost of OBS Studio

Energy cost computer
(168h x 0.3 kWh => 50.4 kWh * 0.2)
Energy cost network hardware
(168h * 0.03 kWh => 5.04 kWh * 0.2)
Total cost $11.09

You would save money using RoboStreamer!

And additionally, you get even more for your dollars:

Simple configuration

RoboStreamers UI has been built to be as simple as possible. Setting up a Steam Broadcast can be done in under a minute.

No worries about network or energy outages

RoboStreamer runs in powerful datacenters, powered by green energy. All servers are connected to a 10 GBit/s network and located close to Steams ingest servers.

Remote controllable

Since RoboStreamer does not run on your computer, you can control your broadcasts from anywhere - even your mobile phone. And you can shut down your own computer or maybe play a game!

Friendly and quick support

You get a direct contact to the RoboStreamer developer through Discord or Email. Chris is very responsive and can help out with most things from setting things up over video encoding problems to dealing with quirks on Steam's end.

How will the time be used?

Whenever you have an active broadcast, its streaming time is subtracted from the remaining time in your account.
If you stop your stream, you won't lose any of your purchased time, even when you decide not to broadcast for months.

How about multi streams?

If you decide to send broadcasts to multiple different Steam Store pages, every active stream will subtract time from your account. Simply put, 5 active broadcasts in parallel will consume 5 times the time.

Whats the minimum amount of time I can purchase?

Due to payment processing fees which consists of both a fixed amount per payment and a flexible rate on top, the minimum amount you can pay is $5 for 7200 minutes (5 days) of streaming time.

Are there any discounts?

Payments starting from $50 receive a bonus. You buy 50 days of time but you receive 55 days.
Here's the deal:

  • $50 +10% => 55 days instead of 50 days
  • $100 +20% => 120 days instead of 100 days
  • $500 +30% => 650 days instead of 500 days

If you are a non-profit company or from a country with a weak economic situation, I can offer a purchasing power parity (PPP).
Please get in touch via email so we can talk about the details.

Can I have a refund?

Sure! In case you'd like to delete your RoboStreamer account, I will happily refund you the remaining time from your account, no questions asked. Please be aware that due to rounding errors (try to tell me what 30 minutes of streaming cost) and again payment processor fees the refunded amount may not EXACTLY mirror the time in your account. Also I can only refund if the remaining time amounts to a worth of at least $5.

Anything else?

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out on Discord or on Twitter, or even by mail.
I'm always happy to help out! :)