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Best Practices for Engaging and Effective Videos

Posted on June 2, 2024 by Christian Engel

Creating engaging video content for your RoboStreamer uploads is crucial for capturing and retaining viewers on your Steam store page. This blog post outlines the dos and don’ts to ensure you make the most of every broadcast. Let’s explore why shorter, high-quality videos can significantly benefit your game’s visibility.

Why Video Length Matters

Steam metrics reveal that most users watch a broadcast for an average of just 4-9 minutes. Given this, lengthy video footage may be less effective, potentially causing viewers to lose interest before they even see the best parts of your game. Shorter videos have a better chance of keeping viewers engaged and can make a stronger impression in a shorter time.

Crafting the Perfect 20-Minute Video

I recommend preparing videos that are around 20 minutes long. This duration is optimal for several reasons:

  1. Efficiency: Shorter videos are quicker to produce, encode, and upload, saving you valuable time.
  2. Engagement: A 20-minute video can be packed with exciting gameplay, maximizing the chance that viewers will enter during a high point.
  3. Repetition: Since visitors join at random points, a shorter loop means they are more likely to see most of the interesting content without waiting too long.

When crafting your 20-minute video, ensure it showcases the most dynamic and captivating aspects of your game. Consider integrally-edited sequences that highlight action, puzzles, or key narrative moments to keep the energy high throughout.

If you don’t want to edit your video footage, try to plan your games play session before you start recording.

What to Include in Your Video

Action-Packed and Exciting Moments

Create a video that shows your game in its best light by including:

  • Intense Gameplay: Highlight the most thrilling parts of your game. Whether it’s an epic boss fight, an exhilarating race, or a challenging puzzle - make sure the action never stops.
  • Visual Appeal: Showcase the stunning graphics, unique art style, and vibrant environments. Visuals are crucial in grabbing attention.
  • Key Features: Display what makes your game unique - be it an innovative mechanic, a fascinating storyline, or multiplayer modes.

What to Avoid in Your Video

Long, Unedited Footage

Hours of continuous gameplay, including mundane moments such as menus or idle characters, can detract from the viewer experience. As such:

  • Skip the Menus: Avoid including long segments where the game is paused or in a menu. This is particularly important since broadcasts on Steam are muted by default, potentially making such segments seem dull.
  • Minimize Downtime: Ensure there’s no extended downtime or uneventful periods where nothing significant happens.

Why Shorter is Better

Instant Engagement

Remember, visitors to your game’s page may join at any moment. A tightly edited, 20-minute video ensures they’re jumping into engaging content right away, increasing the chances they’ll stay to watch more and click through to your game page.

Variety Without Overload

While it’s not currently possible to create playlists or rotate several different hours-long videos, a single, engaging short video can effectively show off different aspects of your game within the same clip. By focusing on a variety of action-packed moments within a concise timeframe, you eliminate the need for lengthy, compiled footage.

Providing a Better Viewer Experience

Incorporating a shorter, more dynamic video helps create a more reliable and enjoyable experience for your audience. This streamlined approach leads to better server performance, uninterrupted streaming, and highly engaged viewers who are more likely to wishlist and purchase your game.


In summary, shorter, high-quality videos are essential for making a significant impact on your Steam store page visitors. A 20-minute highlight reel of your game’s best moments can maintain viewer interest, reduce production and upload times, and make every second count. I encourage you to experiment with creating compact, engaging content and observe how it benefits your game’s visibility and sales.

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