Steam Broadcast for Slopecrashers

RoboStreamer is delighted to showcase the Steam Store Broadcast for Slopecrashers! Even though there's no live stream happening at the moment, you can still take a look at their Steam Store page. This page will automatically update as soon as a Steam Broadcast starts through RoboStreamer for Slopecrashers.

Slopecrashers is developed and published by byteparrot.

A screenshot of SlopecrashersA screenshot of SlopecrashersA screenshot of SlopecrashersA screenshot of SlopecrashersA screenshot of SlopecrashersA screenshot of SlopecrashersA screenshot of SlopecrashersA screenshot of SlopecrashersA screenshot of Slopecrashers

How RoboStreamer was used for this Steam Broadcast

byteparrot utilized RoboStreamer to host a Steam Broadcast for Slopecrashers on their Steam Store Page. The broadcast was streamed from a pre-recorded video file that was uploaded to RoboStreamer and streamed in a loop. RoboStreamer allows for the upload of videos without any size limit and the ability to keep streaming them without any time limit. Running OBS on your own machine is no longer necessary - you can save time and money by not having to worry about your Broadcast running correctly on your own computer and also save the high energy cost.

Create a Steam Broadcast for your own game

It's easy: Simply create a free RoboStreamer account and upload your video file. You can then create a Steam Broadcast by adding your upload key. RoboStreamer is designed to make streaming your Steam Broadcast as simple as possible. It's even more beneficial for publishers as they can manage the Steam Broadcasts of multiple Steam Games from one place.

How is RoboStreamer competitive to OBS Studio?

Overall, RoboStreamer is a great option for game developers and publishers who want to automate their Steam page broadcasts, stream to multiple pages and do not want to spend time on fiddling with OBS or other streaming tools. RoboStreamer is a paid service that aims to make streaming pre-recorded videos on Steam as simple and efficient as possible, while OBS Studio is a free and open-source software that can be used for various types of live-streaming. RoboStreamer is designed specifically for streaming pre-recorded videos to Steam, and it has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and stream. OBS Studio, on the other hand, is a more general-purpose streaming software that can be used for a variety of platforms and purposes, and it may require more technical knowledge to set up and use. Additionally, RoboStreamer streams the video "as is" and does not require any real-time modifications or re-encoding, which can use high amounts of CPU and memory resources. OBS Studio, on the other hand, does require re-encoding the video on the fly, which can consume more resources but can allows for real-time modifications such as overlays or chat messages. Another advantage of RoboStreamer is that it runs on cloud-based servers with fast and stable internet connections, which can be more reliable than streaming from a personal home or office network. Ultimately, the decision between using RoboStreamer or OBS Studio will depend on the specific needs and resources of the user.