Steam Broadcast for EMUUROM

RoboStreamer is thrilled to host the Steam Store Broadcast for EMUUROM! Even though there is currently no live stream, you can still check out their Steam Store page. This page will automatically update when a Steam Broadcast begins through RoboStreamer for EMUUROM.

EMUUROM is developed by and published by borbware.

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RoboStreamer's role in this Steam Broadcast

/ borbware used RoboStreamer to host a Steam Broadcast for EMUUROM on their Steam Store Page. The broadcast was streamed from a pre-recorded video file that was uploaded to RoboStreamer and streamed in a loop. RoboStreamer offers the ability to upload videos without any size limit and keep streaming them without any time limit. This eliminates the need for running OBS on your own hardware, causing high energy cost.

Effortlessly Set Up a Steam Broadcast Using RoboStreamer

Creating a Steam Broadcast has never been easier with RoboStreamer. Register for a free account, upload your video, and input your upload key. RoboStreamer is engineered to make streaming your Steam Broadcast as seamless as possible. Publishers will appreciate the convenience of managing Steam Broadcasts for numerous Steam Games all in one place.

Five reasons to choose RoboStreamer above OBS Studio

  1. User-friendly interface: RoboStreamer has a tailored interface that is specifically designed for streaming pre-recorded videos to Steam, making it easy to set up and stream, while OBS Studio may require more technical knowledge to set up and use.
  2. Resource efficiency: RoboStreamer streams the video "as is" and does not require any real-time modifications or re-encoding, which can use high amounts of CPU and memory resources. OBS Studio, on the other hand, does require re-encoding the video on the fly, which will consume more energy, resulting in higher cost.
  3. Reliable connections: RoboStreamer runs on cloud-based servers with fast and stable internet connections, which can be more reliable than streaming from a personal home or office network.
  4. Automated streaming: RoboStreamer eliminates the need for manual broadcasting, which can save time and effort for the user.
  5. Cost-effective: RoboStreamer offers a simple pricing structure with low costs, while OBS Studio is a free and open-source software, but you may need to pay for the additional features or resources you need.