Steam Broadcast for Anodyne

RoboStreamer is proudly hosting the Steam Store Broadcast for Anodyne! Although there is no live stream currently running, you can still visit their Steam Store page. This page will update automatically as soon as a Steam Broadcast is started in RoboStreamer for Anodyne.

Anodyne is developed by and published by Analgesic Productions.

A screenshot of AnodyneA screenshot of AnodyneA screenshot of AnodyneA screenshot of AnodyneA screenshot of AnodyneA screenshot of AnodyneA screenshot of AnodyneA screenshot of AnodyneA screenshot of Anodyne

How RoboStreamer worked for this Steam Broadcast

/ Analgesic Productions used RoboStreamer to host a Steam Broadcast for Anodyne on their Steam Store Page. The broadcast has been streamed from a pre-recorded video file which has been uploaded to RoboStreamer and has been streamed in loop. With RoboStreamer you can upload videos without any size limit and can keep streaming them without any time limit as well. Running OBS on your own machine is not necessary anymore - you can save time and money because you don't have to worry about your Broadcast running correctly on your own computer, and you save the high energy cost.

Create a Steam Broadcast for your own game

It's simple: You create a free RoboStreamer account and upload your video file. You create a Steam Broadcast by adding your upload key that's it! RoboStreamer is built to make streaming your Steam Broadcast as simple as possible. It's even more helpful for publishers since the Steam Broadcasts of many individual Steam Games can be managed from one place.

Compairing RoboStreamer to the free OBS Studio

RoboStreamer is competitive against OBS in several ways:

  1. Ease of use: RoboStreamer is designed to be user-friendly and easy to set up. Users can upload their pre-recorded videos and have them streamed on a loop on their Steam page without needing to manually set up streaming using OBS Studio or other tools.
  2. Automation: RoboStreamer allows for automation of the streaming process, which saves game developers and publishers time and effort.
  3. Multi-streaming: RoboStreamer can set up simultaneous broadcasts to as many pages as you want, which is useful for managing multiple Steam pages.
  4. Cloud-based: RoboStreamer is a cloud-based application, which means users don't need to leave their computer running for hours, clogging up their internet connection.
  5. Pricing: RoboStreamer has a simple pricing schema, where users pay $1 for 24 hours of non-stop broadcasting. OBS Studio is free but requires more work on your side and causes energy cost of at least $1 for 24 hours of running your computer - depending on your local energy price.
  6. Support: OBS Studio offers documentation and forums where you can look for solution in case of any problem. With RoboStreamer, you get the direct support of its creator through mail, Discord or Twitter.